Frequently Asked Questions is the best online platform for export , import professionals to contact each other.


How much should I pay to use your service?

Nothing. It is completely free to use

How long does it take to post an import requests?

Usually in seconds

Why should I use your platform and not your competitors:

Our competitors charge large annual subscription fees to suppliers. So most of these suppliers list any product possible in that country , just to increase their sales. The idea is not to supply quality products but any products. Our suppliers pay to contact to you for your particular request. So they are confident that they are the right supplier to that particular product line.

Also our competitors usually support one country and when you look for a supplier always the suppliers from that country listed first. Again it does not matter for them to match you with the right supplier or not Whereas we support exporters worldwide. We are a global company.


How much should I pay to use is free. Suppliers only pay when they would like to contact to the owner of an import request and/or send a quotation. We charge USD 1 per quotation and you receive contact details of the importer as well.

What if the request I paid is a fake one or phone no is wrong?

Just let us know and we will credit your account immediately.

Should I credit my account up front?

It is not necessary. Although It is time consuming for you, to credit your account USD 1 each time , you would like to contact to an importer. So we recommend you credit your account USD 5-10 upfront.

Do you provide refunds?

We dont provide cash refunds but we refund back your account, in case you are not happy with the quality of the lead for some reason.So basically you carry no risk and you only pay for results.

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